• Christopher Siakkas

Silkxchange on Gents Cafe: The Case for a Sustainable Classic Wardrobe

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Made with care and built to last - these are two characteristics often attributed to secondhand and vintage clothing. However, while the apparel ‘resale’ market has been emerging for the better part of the last two decades, the development of a dedicated market for buying and selling classic menswear has, until recently, lagged behind.

According to ThredUp’s latest Resale Report, the secondhand apparel market is on track to hit $64 billion in the next three years, more than doubling by 2024. Leading this charge is the resale segment of the market. In fact, analysts suggest that it’s poised to overtake the fast fashion industry by 2029. But what exactly is meant by apparel ‘resale’ and why does it matter? Put simply, apparel resale refers to the act of buying and selling preowned clothing – and this also includes ‘new-old-stock’ or ‘deadstock’ items. It also happens to offer tremendous consumer value while advancing the goals of ethical consumption and zero waste in the fashion industry.

Whether or not by active choice, classic menswear enthusiasts already represent some of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly consumers in fashion. We invest in quality, craftsmanship, people and stories, preferring to buy less and choose well. In addition, classic menswear is timeless, meaning that what’s in style today will likely be in style for many years to come - take our love for vintage watches, denim and tweed, for instance. These reasons, together with the increasing accessibility and affordability offered by online marketplaces such as Silkxchange, make building a sustainable classic wardrobe today effortless and truly easier than ever before.

We will be taking a deeper dive in the emerging area of sustainable classic fashion in this column in partnership with the Gents’ Cafe newsletter, so stay tuned for the next one!


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