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How being a “modern gentleman” and buying pre-owned align in today’s world

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Image courtesy of C. Lundmose @afathersleisurehours

Let’s be honest – if you are even the tiniest bit interested in menswear and are dabbling in the sphere hereof, there can be absolutely no doubt that you are familiar with the immense footprint that this business is putting on the environment. Yes, I could throw a lot of facts around, but I won’t – you know it’s big.

With that said, it seems as though some companies are slowly coming around. Big brands like Patagonia and Levi’s have launched new concepts, reselling pre-owned outerwear and denim. Other brands are becoming more conscious of sustainability too, integrating new practices into their supply chains while others mix their stock with both new and used items. Sustainability and the secondhand market is now thriving both online and in-store, but why not yet in classic menswear?

To me though, not being a hoodie-and-Yeezy-kinda-guy, the challenge of engaging more into the secondhand market online has been that I’ve often found it hard to find what I’m looking for. It can be difficult to find the E. Marinella tie, the Crocket and Jones ‘Cavendish’ tassel loafers, or even simply a sport jacket with the correct measurements, especially in between all the Yeezy sneakers and Supreme hoodies that frequent many existing marketplaces. Then again, perhaps it’s to be expected – after all, streetwear is the style of the day for many millennials, gen X’ers and gen Z’ers, and those measurements and sizings tend to be a little bit easier to figure out.

Luckily enough, over the past month or two, I have encountered several entrepreneurs within the #menswear community with a desire to address this gap by creating a classic menswear-focused platform where fine tailoring, well-made shoes and hand-folded ties with still a lot left to offer, can be passed on and worn instead of being forgotten and attacked by moths in the back your closet.

As I see it, classic menswear is highly suitable for this evolution in consumer behavior. Well-crafted by highly passionate artisans and rooted in design that has not changed greatly and is therefore often as contemporary and wearable now as it was when first designed and fabricated; pre-owned classic menswear can give a perfect twist when mixed with your latest new purchases. Why else would so many designers still glance towards Cary Grant in “North by Northwest” and Steve McQueen in “The Thomas Crown Affair”, as well as other classic style icons from the 1950s, 60s and 70s in general, for that matter? The truth is, classics are classics for a reason – they were good then, and they are just as good now!

Steve McQueen in 'The Thomas Crown Affair' (1968)

I am not, and have in no way ever been, a “saint” in sustainable fashion – let me make that clear! But “buy well and buy less”, hi-lo outfits where tailored and thrifted items are mixed, is a path I am now gradually incorporating when curating my wardrobe. The situation is not something we can change overnight; but in the long run, I am certain that this can make a difference.

I applaud and support the ladies and gentlemen working hard on making an impact in this space, and for making it possible for us to continue enjoying these garments – dressing responsibly!

And what does all this have to do with being a gentleman you ask? As the guys over at @Silkxchange so accurately put it:

We believe that a gentlemen should strive to be whatever the moment requires and, in today's world, that means being conscious of your environment, your impact, and your responsibility through the clothes you choose to wear. After all, there's nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in a man”.

Until next time, gents!

Casper Lundmose (@afathersleisurehours)


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