"Our mission is to enhance value, accessibility and promote a sustainable fashion culture in classic men's style."

Motivated by a strong belief in sustainability and our own journeys into classic men’s style, we’ve built Silkxchange to address what we realized had been missing in the #menswear community online - a dedicated, community-driven marketplace for buying, selling and exploring classic men's style. To this end, our curated marketplace platform brings together enthusiasts from around the world to offer the finest variety of new and pre-owned wardrobe items as well as interactive editorials designed to enhance knowledge, value and promote a sustainable fashion culture and zero waste in classic menswear.

At Silkxchange, we believe that a gentleman should strive to be whatever the moment requires. In today's world, that means being conscious of your environment, your impact, and your responsibility through the clothes you choose to wear. After all, there's nothing like a challenge to bring out the best in a man.


We encourage you to dress responsibly, and invite you to buy less, choose well, and resell as you rediscover the world of classic men's style on Silkxchange. 

We wish you a pleasant journey,

John Wojcik and Chris Siakkas

Silkxchange founders, John Wojcik and Chris Siakkas, portrayed by classic menswear illustrator @SenhorFato

Illustration by @senhorfato

Our Story

"Sustainability & classic style are at the core of our DNA."

Originally meeting at the United Nations headquarters in New York in 2016, our founding team has spent years working in the areas of sustainable development and social impact around the world.


While finding passion in our day-to-day work, we also found ourselves increasingly captivated by the world of classic menswear and how personal style had become an important part of our own identities. Realizing that something was missing in the #menswear community, in 2019 we began developing the Silkxchange marketplace with the aim of connecting like-minded enthusiasts while enhancing value, accessibility and sustainability in classic menswear.


There are treasures to be found in every wardrobe, and we believe that they should be passed on to others to be enjoyed and looked after rather than be forgotten.​

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